Organising your Look Up solar treasure hunt

Get a bunch of people together and find out the solar potential of your area. 

What is a solar treasure hunt?

Basically, a bunch of people getting together to use Look Up to spot roofs. You can meet in the centre of town, at your office or at your favourite café, and have a go finding the best roofs in the area for solar panels.

Are their prizes?

Yes! There's a leaderboard that keeps track of all the solar treasure you find. The more solar potential you discover (the most kwp you could fit on all your roofs combined), the higher you'll climb up the leaderboard. If you're in the top three spots by the time the clocks go back on 30th October, you'll win a DIY solar panel making workshop or some wind-powered Rapanui clothing vouchers. So the more treasure hunts you go on, the better! 

Why run a treasure hunt?

Look Up is designed to get people across the UK excited about solar energy. You might be a local group who are already involved in community energy , or a few people who think solar is cool and need a lunchtime activity. If you want to bring people together and have some fun, or you’re keen inspire new people about solar energy, this is for you.

Planning a treasure hunt

Holding a treasure hunt is dead simple. The whole thing can be done in 30 minutes or less. Just gather a few (or a lot) of people together and…

  1. Meet in a location that has Wi-Fi so people who haven’t yet downloaded the app get it.
  2. Introduce Look Up and start off by practicing using the app on some roofs as a group.
  3. Set people the task of finding as much solar treasure as possible in whatever time you have, and then meeting you back at the starting point.
  4. Find out who managed to find the most solar treasure by looking at the leaderboard, and all hail the winner!


We are keen to hear about how your treasure hunt went and to see a few pictures! Drop an email to Jesse (